Ready, Aim, Grow Up

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A word of caution to those of you packing water guns: Watch out. According to reports out of New York, a woman, Cassandra Wu, was arrested and taken into custody this weekend after splashing bottled water on a participant in a “massive water gun fight” in New York’s Union Square. The NY Daily News has reported that Wu, an Australian tourist in town to celebrate her 30th birthday, “picked a bad moment to playfully toss water onto one of the fighters,” just as the cops were shutting down the fight because it apparently lacked proper permits from the parks department.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” said a handcuffed Wu, crying on the steps of Union Square. It remains unclear what charges, if any, she will face.

While we’re far from experts on the ins and outs of New York’s parks and recreation laws—and we admit that it takes a certain kind of adult to engage in public water gun play—since when does the state have to sanction water fights? What, are you supposed to apply for a water gun permit in case you’re suddenly overtaken by an urge to irritate everyone around you with an aspirationally ironic display of hipster whimsy? Hm. You know, actually, the more we think about it, maybe a permit’s not such a bad idea. [NY Daily News]

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