• Ellen

    WE do NOT have Lexes/ Nexis/ WestLAW at my law firm, so the manageing partner makes me SHEPERDIZE all the time for him.

    I told him about Lexis/Nexis/WestLAW, but he does NOT want to pay for it.

    He told me I should SHEPERDIZE and that should be good enough for the CLIENTS, but I DISAGREE.

    How can I get the manageing partner to listen to Mr. Law School. He needs to shave his face.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Higgmasterflex chris

    the best tip i can give (having graduated law school) is to find at least one law review/journal article on-point, then use whatever is cited in that article to bolster your research. whenever i did that, half to 3/4 of what i needed was available, which is especially helpful for more esoteric topics.

  • evil lawyer

    No, no. Find three recent cases in your state on whateevr the topic is. Stay away from law reviews. They’ve become more useless than Guano Dubango at Spring Break. Absolutely useless. Also, Ellen, you could wear baggy clothes until he springs for lexis. or go to a firm that is not in the stone age.