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I’m not gonna lie, Matthew Richardson is a TV junkie. I get as excited for new fall shows as I do for a new group of female summer associates. Well, almost. So when I set the DVR last night I was almost overwhelmed with options. For you highly-employed associates who didn’t get home from the office until this morning, here’s the Richardson take on three shows that just premiered.

Two Broke Girls

Premise: the daughter of a Madoff-type loses all her money and has to work at a coffee shop in Brooklyn with a hardened, no-nonsense girl who shows her the ropes.
What I liked: The brunette from Juno, Kat Dennings. She certainly has blossomed. She was the best of a pretty blah cast. The blonde girl wasn’t bad and they seemed to have good chemistry. They had some witty dialogue, but they’re gonna need a lot more to keep us watching.

Garret Morris. Not liking this guy is almost as un-American as not liking Michael J. Fox.

What I hated: The use of cheap ethnic stereotypes for laughs (other than Garret Morris’ funny black guy), which was every scene in the restaurant. If you’re gonna have a sleazy Russian cook, don’t hire a 20 something American actor and dirty him up. There are plenty of genuinely sleazy Russian cooks who would and probably have killed for work.

And don’t get me started on the Asian restaurant owner. Hiring a 14-year-old kid who’s clearly American-born to play a 40-something fresh off the boat Chinese workhorse was a tragic casting mistake. Apparently, the ratings were solid, so expect to be seeing a lot of these two very attractive waitresses and their awful supporting cast.


Two and A Half Men

This is not technically new but you know what I mean.
Premise: Charlie is dead, Jon Cryer is forced to sell the house…but oh wait, Ashton Kutcher magically shows up at his backdoor after a suicide attempt, they bond and Kutcher (who is playing  handsome billionaire) decides to save the day by purchasing the house.

What I liked: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Jon Cryer was still kinda funny. They had a couple of good fart jokes?? Who am I trying to fool, it was godawful.

What I hated: I am not a hater of successful, good looking actors. I like Timberlake, I like Clooney, I even like Ryan Gosling. I couldn’t tell if Ashton Kutcher was playing a Midwestern hick, an autistic software genius, or a stoner. Pretty sure he has no idea either because acting is not really his thing. But he seemed to have a good time running around naked.

Apparently, the ratings were high so clearly I know nothing.


The Playboy Club

Premise: It’s the 60s and the Playboy club is all the rage, Hef’s empire is just taking off, women are started to exercise their right to be sexy. It focused on the club owners and bunnies, primarly a newbie blonde who accidentally kills a mob boss with the heel of her shoe while he’s attempted to sexually assault her.

What I liked: Someone named Amber Heard. I assume she just shot up the IMDb star meter and porn stars were racing to come up with a good parody name to make money off of. Might I suggest “Amber Head”?  Also, something about David Krumholtz always cracks me up. He’s especially miscast as the owner of the club, he looks more like a guy who would keep getting rejected by the doorman.

The ending, two janitors find the dead guy’s Playboy club key and when one of janitors shows it to the other, the dirtball look of excitement on his face is priceless.

What I hated: Pretty unoriginal older woman losing her man to the hot new girl plot twist.  Also, there wasn’t any sort of John Slattery-type character for comic relief. Eddie Cibrian was clearly doing his best Don Draper impersonation, and I know it’s not a comedy, but neither is Mad Men, but they at least find moments of  comic relief from any of the other leads. Nothing remotely funny was uttered during this hour of TV.

Apparently the ratings were awful, so it doesn’t really matter what I think, it will probably be dead in three episodes.



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  • Guano Dubango

    This guy is cool. Matthew is my man, and he gets all of the chicks! I will start to watch the playboy club, as I too want a woman of this quality, though with a brain for the law, too.