Roll Tide . . . Right Through That Court Date

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football lawyerAfter a week of trying to avoid responsibility and watching football, one lawyer has found an ability to do both. Birmingham, Alabama lawyer Marcus Jones III, a self-described “fanatic” of Alabama football, sought, and was granted a continuance for his trial in order to go to the championship game next week. Jones bought tickets last month when Alabama won the SEC Championship Game, guaranteeing their appearance in the BCS National Championship game on January 7. However, Jones forgot to check his calendar as he had a civil court trial scheduled to start on the same day.

Jones asked Jefferson County Judge Scott Vowell for a continuance stating: “The undersigned (Jones) is an Alabama football fanatic and has been since being a young child, attending games with great players such as Pat Trammell and Joe Namath, with a strong belief that football in Alabama is special.”  Judge Vowell granted his motion stating: “Knowing one of the lawyers in this case, Marcus Jones, to be an avid Roll-Tider, I thought that the case would settle if I kept it on the docket of January 7 . . . .  While I remain an Auburn fan, even after this dismal season, I hate to see an Alabama man cry. I have therefore reluctantly agreed to grant the lawyers a short continuance.”

God bless the South. They have nothing going for them except football. Auburn and Alabama are supposed to be bitter enemies but screw it, Roll Tide. Who needs liberty and justice when you have to the Golden Domers vs. the Mobile Homers. But hopefully Marcus Jones understands this when the trial gets rescheduled. Absolutely no chance an Auburn judge is going to side with an Alabama fan. War Eagle.

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  • southern bitter

    alabama is the armpit of the south. don’t lump the rest of us in with them.

    and enjoy your pepsi, damnyankee.

  • Lou

    Where does this douche nozzle hail from? Like Louisiana is any better? Or Georgia? Come on, a redneck is a redneck and face it if we’re on this site were either rednecks or metrosexuals!