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Yesterday, I published “3 Outrageous Personal Injury Lawsuits,” a guest post by Texas personal injury lawyer Kevin Krist. It’s pretty funny, just not in the way it was supposed to be. If you don’t get it, just check out the comments. There’s some hilarious stuff in there. The separated-at-birth Kuhn brothers really went to town critiquing the post, for which I am genuinely appreciative. Read on for a summary of the complaints.

  • Two of the three “outrageous” lawsuits are either completely fictitious or described inaccurately. (For the record, the description of the third “Makara” lawsuit is apparently 70% accurate, according to Mark Bennett. As Meatloaf once sang, one out of three ain’t . . . ah wait. Nevermind.)
  • Mr. Krist is no Doogie Howser. (Thanks a lot Sam.)
  • My favorite: Wow, Bitter Lawyer. Epic fail.

In trying to provide you with entertaining posts on a regular basis, I entertain all requests for guest posts. We do receive good ones on occasion, and hey, everyone deserves a chance. Mr. Krist — or someone acting on his behalf — originally requested to submit a post and provided a couple topics that he could write about. I selected the topic that seemed to fit and asked him to he read our other posts to get a sense of the comedic tone we look for. A few days later he submitted his post. It was mildly entertaining, so I published it. (No money or favor – legal or illegal – was exchanged between the parties.)

I assumed that a personal injury attorney would only write about real personal injury cases and real facts in a post that was implicitly about real cases, so I didn’t research the cases. This is a humor website, after all. I’m not paid to spend all day on Fastcase.

Some days just don’t go your way. It happens to the best of us. But we here at Bitter Lawyer have no desire to try to run away from our excrement. As I stated in my email to Mr. Krist denying his request to delete his post,

We don’t take posts down once they’re published. I assure you the backlash will be much worse. But more importantly, we don’t hide from controversy. We strive to be transparent and honest with our readers. If we make a mistake or use poor judgment, we admit it, take our flogging, and move on.

But let’s be clear. Bitter Lawyer is not a bunch of attorneys trying to market their services by blogging. Most of us are anonymous, in fact. Guest posts are still welcome, if they are funny. Even if they have the side effect of good SEO for the author.

So let’s just consider Mr. Krist’s post to be the beginning of a new series here on Bitter Lawyer. We’ll call it “LOL Marketing.”

Bitter Lawyer

*Who shall remain relatively anonymous because he/she wants to continue to provide hilarious posts without fear of losing clients.

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  • marsh carroll

    I can unequivocally confirm that zero percent of the incidents mentioned in my hit original youtube masterpiece song The Jones Jive are accurately depicted. I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that this song will change the way you think about personal injury law firms.
    Have a great today and a better tommorow (sp?) – day after today.

  • quadoz

    It’s ok BL. I’d still buy you a drink at the Bitter Bar. Even though you may have pissed off readers. Shit happens.

    City Cop by Midnights, Rookie Lawyer by Day

  • Steven M. Sweat

    good humor from bitter lawyer.

  • LWhite

    I think this should serve as inspiration to a follow up post–top legal myths.

    The Network for Public Health Law recently followed up on one famous legal myth–that of the Good Samaritan physician getting sued for performing CPR on someone having a heart attack in the street: