• Quadoz

    I think this cartoon fits my profile pretty well. The law degree wasn’t about joining a firm, or for prestige. It was another venue to make money. I would sit in court getting ready to testify or…more often.. just sit and wait for the perp to take a plea deal, and wonder some things. Mainly I would wonder how much the defense attorneys were getting paid to represent ‘da perp’. So, I got the piece of paper that allows me to represent clients..in other jurisdictions from the one that I police/patrol.

    Why do other professions feel the need to get a law degree? Hell if I know!

    City Cop by Midnight, Rookie Lawyer by Day

    • Michelle Beth

      Good for you. You are obviously very level-headed and know what the hell you are doing, but please don’t laugh too hard at us bitter TTT’s who have to hunt for every bit of crumbs.