From The Archives: Seven Species of Legal Website Trolls

Let’s face a fact: Most of the time lawyers are billing they’re not doing legal work at all. They’re playing on the internet, often reading “blawgs” or any of the numerous lawyer chat boards that have sprung up since the glory days of the original “Greedy Associates” site, when Y2K was our biggest national concern.

And with the proliferation of these sites, so to have come the trolls—those under-the-bridge dwelling miscreants who live for nothing but the satisfaction of aggravating, irritating and insulting as many people as they can via the comments sections of blawgs and threads on chat boards.


We’ve decided to sketch out the prime offenders. For your reading pleasure (bill as “.3 – Misc. Research re: Penske suit”), here are the seven species of legal website troll:

1“This Site Sucks” Guy. Responds to every post on with a comment about how “This site used to be funny, but sucks now.” Never explains why it was better before or why it’s not funny now. Or why he nevertheless keeps reading it.

Hobbies: compulsively reading; compulsively commenting on

Bridge Under Which He Resides:, exclusively

2Grammar Teacher. No original thought or criticism of anything in the story or the preceding comments in the thread. Just a sniffy, self-aggrandizing little note about how someone in a previous comment used “it’s” where “its” was proper. And therefore is not, and never will be, partner material.

Hobbies: Font-surfing; complaining to IT department about how WordPerfect form of Courier New was superior to MSWord’s; reading latest edition of Service Partner Weekly (Non-Equity Edition)

Favorite Bridges:;

3“First!” Guy. The Forrest Gump of legal chat board trolls. Pathologically follows website, responding immediately to every new story with “First!” or some variation on it. Amusing when the reflexive “I’m firsty!” or “These pretzels are making me firsty!” immediately follows story on an office shooting or a noted public interest lawyer’s recent demise from stomach cancer.

Hobbies: Ritalin; Bingo; Pavlovian feedback loops

Preferred Bridge:

4“Pwned” Guy. Only appears in flame wars between commenters. Offers single-word replies in any exchange where one commenter bests another; ”Pwned!” or ”Pwn3d!” (Hacker-speak for “Burn!” or “You been served!”) Clearly buys IT manager’s stories about scoring “boy-band ass.”

Hobbies: World of Warcraft; Masturbation

Bridges of Choice:;

5Reverend Kane. This poster is the internet equivalent of Reverend Kane, the walking skeleton who comes to the door of the house in Poltergeist and starts screaming hysterically, “You’re going to die!  All of you are going to die!” Any time Kane sees a story or comment about alternative careers for lawyers, he immediately posts a litany of reasons anyone who even attempts to leave the field for something better will fail, contract a loathsome disease and die penniless, alone and cursing the moment he considered abandoning The Law.

Hobbies: Digging his rut until he reaches China

Bridges Under Which He Seethes:;

6The “TTT” Brigade. This species responds to any post or story suggesting career dissatisfaction with a screed explaining why the poster or subject of the story is clearly “TTT” material—one who attended a “third tier toilet” law school.  Confusion abounds, however, as in recent years the term has been used so frequently and for so many purposes (in many cases randomly and with no apparent meaning at all) that it’s basically become a sign of chat board Tourette’s.

Hobbies: Attending miserable TTT law school; Nihilist Society

Favored Bridges:;

7The Rapierist Wit. This Casanova uses the chat board to woo fellow classmates, offering wry witticisms on their previous dating misadventures:

Learnedhandjob: You see that chick in Torts with the huge rack?
Jackoff: Her name’s Marissa. She fucked like five guys in the class above us. Loves it in the ass.
Learnedhandjob: I’d fucking hit that shit till it was raw, yo.
Jackoff: Fucking TTT bitch! Assplay = Pwned!

Hobbies: Catching, mutilating stray cats; stalking

Home Bridge:

  • Anonymous

    All these trolls are making me FIRSTY!

  • Alex Hump

    Yea, thank GAWD we have an outlet for airing our frustrations!  Better here than on some unsuspecting real young trolls. We had enough of them in law school.

  • Pacific Reporter

    So which category would Al Dickman fall into?

  • BL1Y

    OMG! Pacific Reporter just pwned Al Dickman!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see a category befitting Dickman.  He’s unique.

  • Anonymous

    Dickman rules

  • Anonymous

    Is Autoadmit still in business?  Weren’t they sued out of existence for letting a group of clowns post threats to female law students?

  • Anonymous

    Totally Top Tier

  • Anonymous


  • Anon

    Funny piece.  Good on ya!

  • Anonymous


  • Jessie

    VERY funny!!!!

  • law dude

    where’s Dickman?

  • yea suckas!!

    This is the best site— I freakin’ love it here. Those descriptions are spot on, perfect!! I can not stand the grammar guy, or the “first” douche… man, I thought I was the only one. Great, great, great work.

  • frat boy

    what about the guys at my high school used to guy? no big deal?

  • MidnightSunshine

    I think AutoAdmit is still around, but traffic must have subsided, because their ignorant bilge has been seeping like particularly nasty sewage onto other blawgs over the past year–Abovethelaw being the prime example.
    It IS hilarious that the xoxo crowd voted in Elie Mystal as EIC at ATL, then lost their minds when they finally saw his picture.  HA HA!

  • Anonym

    This is clearly a TTT blawg who can’t spell right.  It’s not Trolls, but Trawls. The Philalawyer is clearly a douche who laments not having a job on ATL and is sad because of the low traffic at his site.

    AND being first is really cool!

  • Meh

    “And with the proliferation of these sites, so to have come the trolls”
    Pretty sure you meant “so too have come the trolls.” You will obviously never make partner. PWN3D!!!1!

  • Hank

    PL- This is all pretty spot on.  You neglected to mention some of the more relevant schticks (or just schticks in general) that have been infesting the boards for the last few years. More sir!

  • Desi

    this is so right on!