Six Facebook Groups to Know About

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Six Facebook Groups to Know About:

You should be billing hours, but with so many friends to keep tabs on and ex-lovers to stalk, Facebook has become a major part of your day. But if you haven’t ventured far beyond the confines of your own social network, you’re missing out.

Here are six legal-oriented Facebook groups that got our attention.

[Ed. Note: A Facebook account is required to access the following groups, which are linked by title.]

1.  I’m a Lawyer But I’d Rather Be a Pirate

Their Take: Self-explanatory, but for all those who’d rather be trawling the high seas than trawling through a contract, a lease, a shareholder’s agreement…

Bitter Take: You know the pirate craze has officially become lame when it has reached BigLaw.


2.  I’m a Lawyer and I’m Hot

Their Take: The Practice made you think you’d be rubbing elbows with Dylan McDermott and Lara Flynn Boyle. Then you started law school and reasoned that all the hotties must have gone to that party school you ambitiously avoided. Now that you’re practicing, you realize you were sadly mistaken. Every law school, every firm, is comprised of the same sea of Denny Cranes, and YOU stand out like a cookie in Calista Flockhart’s hand. You know from experience that you don’t have to look like a turtle to swim with the sharks, and now you know you’re not alone. You’re in a precious minority: you’re an attorney and you’re HOT! This is the group for YOU!

Bitter Take: We’re willing to concede that there are some hot lawyers out there (we’re looking at you, Skadden), but 740 members for this group?  No way. v


3.  Legally Blonde Inspired Me to Become a Lawyer!

Their Take: For all of those blondes out there who saw this movie and saw Elle Woods as an inspiration….and who have now decided to become a lawyer!….or who thought they would like to become a lawyer and then found out that it takes 7 years of school:D

Bitter Take: Sorry, we’re still laughing over that second sentence. For the record, this group has only 167 (rather attractive) members. Take that, “I’m a Lawyer and I’m Hot.”


4.  I’ve Thought About Dropping Out Of Law School At Least Ten Times Today

Their Take: This is a support group for students who have seriously considered throwing down their highlighters and running screaming from the building at least ten times in the past day (or hour, if you’re me). If you’ve been feeling this way, but yet still keep coming back for more, please join. Invite your friends. And together, BY GOD, we will persevere.

Bitter Take: Here’s a staggering fact: This group has more than 6,000 members. Our favorite forum post: “Addictions I picked up in law school to help me cope: Smoking. Drinking. Yelling at well-meaning loved ones.”


5.  Why did I become a lawyer? Why… WHY ???

Their Take: Need I say more?

Bitter Take: We’re sold.


6.  The Disgruntled Associate (Lawyer Attorney)


Why does the partner pile work on you so he/she can fly to Antigua with his/her mistress for a week-long tryst? Are you overworked and underpaid? Office politics suck. What can you do about it?

Ask questions or just vent.

Give advice to greenies.

(Licensed U.S. Attorneys ONLY – to join send request and SBN).

Bitter Take: There’s only one member in this group, but you are not alone, Disgruntled Associate. Join the Bitter Lawyer group on Facebook and tell us more about that partner with the mistress.

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  • Alex Hump

    Livin’ de Dream, uh! uh!  I be livin’ de dream, uh! uh!  Where is the sea of beautiful lawyers?  All I’ve found are trolls.  Livin’ de Dream, uh! uh!  I be livin’ de dream, uh! uh!

  • Anonymous

    This made Contracts bearable today- love it.

  • AnotherLoyola1L

    The “Ive thought about dropping out of law school at least ten times today” group is hilarious!! Made my day!

  • Law Dude

    wow! didn’t know about all these clubs!

  • William

    There groups are awesome!!  Another great one for law students is for the website

    Here is a link to their facebook group:
    They have free class outlines to download; really made this semester a lot easier!