Snowed Under

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A few weeks prior to Christmas, my girlfriend and I purchased airline tickets to travel across the country to be home for the holidays.  We were to leave the last weekend before Christmas.  On that Friday, a senior partner told me I needed to argue a motion on Monday.  I told him that I was flying home the next day, but he said it was “urgent.”

I asked his assistant for the materials, but she didn’t provide them until the end of the day.  To my surprise, the motion was to be heard in a small resort town located a time zone away.  I searched for an assistant to arrange a flight and accommodations.  All of them had gone home.  So, I booked my own flight and motel on my credit card.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend left to go home without me, and I ended up swallowing a $600.00 re-booking/scheduling fee to join her the next week.

I flew into the town on a small, single-engine plane.  The descent into the airport was horrific.  The pilot made three attempts to land because he couldn’t see the runway through the blowing snow.

The next morning, I attended court.  The judge was three hours late because of the snow.

Five minutes into the motion, it became clear to me that the urgency of the motion was questionable.  In fact, the judge even thought it was premature.  It was apparent that the senior partner scheduled it to ruin the opposing lawyer’s holidays.

I ended up missing my flight out of town that day because of the delay and because I didn’t reset my watch to the new time zone.

A few weeks later, someone told me that the airport I flew into was notoriously unsafe in the winter.

I recall that this partner once flew to this small town to do a simple motion.  But it was during summer.  I hear the golfing there is fabulous that time of year.

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  • Bill Dugan

    This jerk should have brought the girlfriend to him to the resort town.  That way, he would have been able to make the necessary motion in court, and then make a variety of other motions with the girlfriend—be it a motion in limine (whatever the hell that is); some vertical motions on the ski slopes, and or some new horizontal motions in the motel room or spa—all on the firm’s dime!  He should not let the partner’s being a douche prevent him from having his own fun with the girl friend.  Why didn’t he think of this?  Im sure the girlfriend would have gone along with this idea.  How often is this douche going to take her to a resort town to bang her bottom out?

  • BL1Y

    A “motion in limine” is a request submitted to the court before trial in an attempt to exclude evidence from the proceedings. A motion in limine is usually made by a party when simply the mention of the evidence would prejudice the jury against that party, even if the judge later instructed the jury to disregard the evidence. For example, if a defendant in a criminal trial were questioned and confessed to the crime without having been read his Miranda rights, his lawyer would file a motion in limine to keep evidence of the confession out of the trial.  If our friend made such a motion, the court might grant it, and he would have more time to frolic with the girlfriend.

  • BL1Y

    Fake BL1Y brought is A Game today.  Too bad real BL1Y does corporate law and doesn’t know anything about trial procedure.

  • Ex-BigLaw

    I agree Bill.  He should have said he would happily do it only if the firm or client paid to alter his and his companion’s existing itinerary to go from the resort town to their eventual destination.  It would have been paid, and he would have gotten a little adventure with the lady instead of pissing her off.
    I had a client needlessly cause me to cancel a vacation on the first business day there once, and I did it only on the condition that they not only pay the change fees but buy me a full fare fully refundable and changeable ticket to return on a later date – a big enough ticket that it would buy several round trips at normal fares.  But what I was asking for was totally reasonable under the circumstances of interrupting a pre-planned vacation (I should be able to reschedule the vacation whenever, not have to shop for when it’s convenient after having to cancel preexisting plans), and if you don’t ask, you rarely receive.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Dugan = moron.

  • Alex Hump

    I agree with Bill, but would also have insisted on a NICE HOTEL, not a friggin’ MOTEL.  What was this Douche Bag thinking?  Saving a few bucks?  If you’re ruining your holiday, do it in style, dillweed!!!! The girlfriend should of course be brought along, and pampered in the day spa, courtesy of the firm.  The best time I had with my girlfriend is when I brought her up to Vermont, went into a private steam room and “relaxed.” I paid for it myself, but believe me, it was EPIC.  Even though that girlfriend is past history, we both remember it like yesterday.

  • Bill Dugan

    “Anonymous” What is you problem?  The girlfriend is there for 1 reason and it is NOT work-related (unless you consider getting boned to be such).  Faceless Beeotch.

  • BL1Y

    Easy there Bill.  Don’t go feedin’ the trolls.

  • Alma Federer

    I say that a man is no more than a warm live dildo that is there for the sole purpose of satisfying women.  Hence, any man who does not have the equipment and skills necessary to fully satisfy women should be labeled as “unqualified”, and dropped from further sexual consideration.  The men on this website should be so labeled.

  • BL1Y

    Looks like Fake BL1Y is now moving on to being Fake Alma Federer.

  • Desi

    Man this is brutal poor guy

  • Faceless Beeotch

    You’re my problem. I thought that was obvious. If you could read AND comprehend this story, you would have realized that the guy had a ticket HOME.
    Banging his girlfriend at some resort on the firm’s dime isn’t really a solution. They had plans to go HOME for the holidays. That may not mean very much to you, Dugan. But some people actually like to go home and see their families, and those opportunities usually only come once a year.
    But all of that misses the larger point. This guy had to take a dangerous flight to a remote location for no good reason.
    I don’t think he cared at all about missing some sex with his girlfriend. Honestly, it seems like he, unlike you, gets it regularly.

  • Anon

    good on ya, faceless beeeach.  i agree.

  • Anonymous

    Dugan is one of the highlights.  He’s not afraid to say it like it is, even if not popular amongst the politically correct group.  I say go for it, Dugan.

  • Fiction

    There are no “notoriously unsafe” airports in the U.S. – the rate of air travel related accidents resulting in injury is so low as to make that a non sequitur.  Realistically the only thing this could mean is an airport that closes a lot or has frequent weather related delays, and O’Hare would fit in the same category.