So Much for the Hamptons

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My friend from Chicago just flew into town.  He swung by my office with his overnight bag. We made a few phone calls, found out about some “hip” parties that weekend, then set off for the Hampton Jitney.  I was finally about to amortize that half-share in East Hampton I overpaid for.  As I was leaving my office, my phone rang.  “Don’t answer it,” my buddy said.  But I couldn’t help it.  “Hello?” I said, my voice trembling with fear.  Seconds later, I was on my way up to the 44th floor to do some due diligence with the world’s most annoying senior associate–and my friend was off to the Hamptons alone.  I tried to explain to the S/A that my friend was in town, didn’t know anyone in my summer house, was in NY to visit me, etc… But she didn’t care.  Just looked at me and said, “Sorry.” If that wasn’t bad enough, later that night, or should I say morning, she looked at me with this slightly insane, self-obsessed smile and said, “What can I say, I’m a deal junkie.” I wanted to cry, but I was too depressed.

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  • pluckyvixen

    get over it.  you decided on a big new york law firm.  i’m just a secretary and i’ve worked until 5am on a major deal.  now i live in seattle where i get to leave at 5pm.
    you signed up for it.  now stop crying.  oh.  sorry.

  • AA

    A secretary who works?  Yeah right.

  • Just A Guy

    Pluclyvixen:  I’ve read a few of your comments here, all of which share the same tenor: “Get over it, this is what you signed up for.”
    While you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, i can’t help but wonder if it is misplaced.  I really haven’t seen anything on this site that demeans secretaries, and I haven’t seen anyone professing to know what it’s like to be a secretary.  Instead, the site seems to be populated by LAWYERS talking about what LAWYERS do. 
    Why don’t you just go start and then you can spend your day really telling people off?
    and lest you think that I have some kind of superiority complex, I can assure you that’s not where I’m coming from.  I have no doubt that you’ve had an arduous career and have logged a mountain of hours.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like–that’s because I’m not a secretary.  I wouldn’t pretend to know what it’s like since I haven’t done it myself.  Maybe you should quit pretending, too.  Either that or get a better attitude.  Are you actually shocked that people are posting comments about being pissed off at “BigLaw” on a site called  Get real.

  • Rusty Cog

    This happened to me too. Girlfriend’s birthday. She ended up going to the Hamptons without me. I took the last jitney out just so I could say “hi” to her, fall flat on my face on the bed at my friend’s guest house, catch a few hours of z’s and take the first jitney in the next day, a Saturday, to show up to work bright and early.

  • Former Associate

    Dude, you make at least $160K a year.  You are in the top 1% of American wealth, and you have no real skills.  Yes, it sucks you had to blow up your plans for the weekend.  But that is de rigueur for big firm junior associates. 
    It is hard being on the bottom, no matter what job you start.  At least you are very well compensated.  As you get more senior, you can call the shots on when things have to get done.  Remember the experience.  You don’t have to be the kind of senior associate that calls people on Friday afternoon for weekend work.

  • YrNextBestAsst

    PluckyVixen – NEVER say your “just” as secretary. JDs most of the time cant even send a fax or an email attachment. Your worth more than your paycheck will ever lead you to believe!

  • Al Dickman

    Tough it up, weasel, you’re at a big law firm.  The senior associate calls the shots, so if she says jump, you jump. So you missed out on a weekend at the Hamptons.  Too bad for you but we aren’t going to shed a tear for you either.  This is why you’re in the big time, to work to earn big bucks and to play, when you can.  There are plenty of people that would trade places with you.  Don’t whine 2 loud or you’ll be hanging out selling hot dogs outside of your building.

  • AP High Profile Litigator

    Well, you are realizing Big Firm only means small time lawyering with no client in sight.  Your a glorified Doc Reviewer.  AND that goes for the rest of you too.  If you are lucky youll do a depo in 10 years. Grow a Pair and get out there and get your own clients, take some chances and call you own shots.  Otherwise, QUIT YOUR BELLY ACHING and SHUT YOUR PIEHOLES.

  • Lawyer

    I was a legal assistant before I was a lawyer.  I also knew the difference between “your” and “you’re.” If I could find a legal assistant who did, and who cared half as much about the work as I do, I would hire him or her on the spot.  I find it annoying to hear legal secretaries bitch about what they don’t get paid to do when I’m redoing their work at 6pm … an hour after they left.

  • NotYetBitter

    YrNextBestAsst:  Do you know the difference between your and you’re?