Use Social Networks to Balance Out Your Law School Debt

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If you are not one of the lucky ones to get into a public law school and are forced to go to a private law school, you will probably be paying an exorbitant amount of money in tuition. Some law schools are as high as $45,000 per year.

To balance out the $45,000 tuition, start using social networking. Many restaurants, bars, and even clothing stores use social networking sites and will give you free stuff just for checking into their location on Foursquare, liking them on Facebook, or following them on Twitter.

Join the social network trend and start saving up to pay back your law school debt.

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  • Guano Dubango

    This guy is so cool. He is my man. I think that I must take a lesson from him on how to secure top women.

    If he is taking the bar exam, perhaps he will be able to put me into touch with young, fertile women.

    If the women cannot get traditional law jobs, I can perhaps have a chance with them if they are interested in bearing me 3 issue and returning with me to my homeland to meet with, and live with, my Aunt Ooona.

    If there are available, young, nubile women with law degrees, please contact me.

    Thank you, Mr. Law School, Sam E. Goldberg, in advance, for sending the nubile ones my way.

  • Quadoz

    I haaaate I HAAAAAATE!

  • Bill

    I agree with Guano. The dude is OK, and funny! I hope he gets his share of twat for all of the effort he’s putting into these. I suppose he thinks that once he passes the bar, women will be spreading like butter for him…..those were the days!