Sounds Like They Were Just Jealous

A man in Britain has officially been banned from visiting his girlfriend’s apartment after her neighbors “complained about noisy sex.” A city council spokesperson has reported that, after two years of neighbors’ complaints about “thumping music, banging headboards and screamed obscenities,” a court finally issued an injunction barring the man, Adam Hinton, from being within 110 yards of his girlfriend Kerry Norris’ apartment.

The spokesperson further noted that the complaints about Norris weren’t even limited to gripes about her and Hinton’s loud, animal sexfests, explaining that “neighbors also complained about Norris sunbathing naked in her yard, and were upset that a 6-year-old child in the building had been ‘subjected to the sort of obscenities you wouldn’t want a 6-year-old to hear.’” In addition to the injunction barring her boyfriend from the apartment, Norris was forced last week to pay $560 in fines and court costs.

So far, the injunction appears to be working, as authorities have noted that “neither Norris or Hinton could be immediately located for comment.” One would imagine, however, that wherever they may be, they’re doing just fine.  [AP via Salon]