Summer of Love

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It’s May again.  Which means two things: First, we’ve entered the darkest months of the year with the NFL draft behind us and nothing but weeks of baseball-centric agony until training camp begins.  Second, in a few days a bunch of cretins in the form of summer associates begin their 12 weeks of pathetic play-acting around the firm.

I understand that human beings are susceptible to idiocy.  But the thing that drives me absolutely insane is self-righteous, over-confident cluelessness.  And that’s precisely the brand of idiocy that summer associates have in spades.  I usually avoid them like the plague because I have such a low tolerance for watching people embarrass themselves.  You’d have to combine the cringe factor of Paula Abdul and Kelly Killoren Bensimon in order to understand.  Sarah Palin could probably do a better job blending in at the Crillon Ball than the average Summer Associate at a firm cocktail hour.

However, because I’m as susceptible as the next guy to the wet blanket of job security anxiety that’s currently suffocating everyone, it was pretty easy for me to be pressured into serving as the associate liaison for this year’s summer class.  I am, by my own volition, about to enter a season in hell.  I will be sitting through weekly meetings while they “report” on their experiences, going to their depressing lunches, and attending all of the unspeakably awkward “social” events that my two-bit Big Firm shoddily hosts.

Maybe it’s the Lexapro kicking in, but there’s a twist.  I’ve decided to work against every single one of my vitriolic instincts and actually try and be positive for once.  Rather than bemoaning their adolescent stupidity, I think it might be more proactive to actually mentor and guide them—two things pretty non-existent around here lately.  In other words, maybe I can actually make a difference.

My newfound idealism isn’t completely delusional, but I’m certain there are a few incoming Summers who are too far gone to be saved.  For instance, there’s “Michael” from Michigan, who must have neglected to review the firm’s website before accepting his offer.  All it takes is a quick read to figure out that the only lawyers in the entire firm who do international corporate transactions are in the Miami office.  Yet Michael has emailed me bi-monthly since February requesting international corporate work.

And then there’s “I have significant HR experience Heidi,” who—despite the fact that the Chicago office has only two partners and one associate in the Labor & Employment group—has been communicating her panic since before she even accepted the firm’s offer about whether she can exclusively work on L&E assignments this summer.  She also confessed her fear that “vegetarian options” won’t be offered at summer lunches and events, and this is a very big deal to Heidi, “because I don’t eat anything that has a brain.” So, I guess she can always cannibalize herself if the summer welcome lunch menu only features vertebrates.

Finally, there’s “Melanie,” the girl who’s repulsively and inexplicably obsessed with hours already.  She keeps asking how many hours Summers are expected to bill per week, apparently not understanding that any time she bills will be unceremoniously cut—and that she isn’t a real associate yet.

Yet, rather than routinely dismiss Michael, Heidi, and Melanie as being too stupid to be taught to behave otherwise, I’m going to approach them with optimism.  I’m now well aware that law school doesn’t prepare you for the realities of the day-to-day practice of law.  Perhaps with a little careful instruction on my behalf, they will learn how to navigate these shark-filled waters without constantly looking like simpering fools.

In other words, in a firm where it seems that every single resource is devoted to making life miserable, I’m going to try and make the last free summer of their lives a little less painful and give them some survival tools that I wish had been given to me.  And then maybe they won’t end up in the throes of bitter misery three years from now.

Of course, lest I be mistaken for being completely magnanimous, I’ve also obtained some back-channel assurances that there are no less than three genuinely single guys in the incoming class.  And what’s hotter than a good-looking chick in a sea of frump, drunk with power and hiring partner influence, who genuinely cares?

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  • Bill Dugan

    How magnanimous of this selfless woman to “mentor” these 3 hapless summer associates.  Just think, tho.  This now self-assured beeotch was herself in that same hapless boat just a few years ago, and look what she’s now turned into?  An alluring, “experienced” (albeit cynical) Law Firm “10” !  (translation:  A Real Life “4” in Chicago “4” or a “3” in New York City).  At least this woman will give it the old college try; offering up her experience to these new summers, and hoping to get a bone thrown by the three real-life guys who will be looking for fun this summer.  Go for it!

  • daman

    I was a summer associate once. a lot of good times. we used to get super drunk during the mixers. one night i ended up passing out in my office and as a joke i dropped a huge load in my partners office. everyone thought it was funny. i thought because i was a minority i would get the job but i didnt

  • BL2Y

    Somehow, I think the guy below is full of it.  However, for the LF10, I recommend, given that she’s a cougar who’s been around the block, that she provide the 3 hot single guys with some opportunities for extra credit; equipping said guys with some protection against STDs.  See

  • BL1Y

    Does your “back-channel” go by the name of…Facebook?

  • ex bl ass.

    “but the thing that drives me absolutely insane is self-righteous, over-confident cluelessness” – you mean the republican party? wocka wocka! here all week, tip your waitress.

  • yourewhatswrongwithwomeninlaw

    “genuinely cares” my ass.  you’re using these kids’ careers for your own fun and amusement to help you write some blog.  you plan to lord over them AND sleep with them?  probably just so you have something interesting to write about.  you need help.

  • Craig

    This can only end badly.  I mean, she already rips into three of them on this public website. Good start, ha.  Then she plans on banging at least one of them by using her power and hiring partner influence.  Oh yea, this should work out just fine.  I guess we should be expecting an article soon about how terribly depressing and annoying it is to be the summer liaison. I’m looking forward to it.

  • daman

    dont hate. you guys are fetuses. let her lead them the way she pleases

  • Wilbur Moore

    This woman is probabley BUTT-UGLYy.  Only she thinks she’s a LF10.  I agree with the guy below that she’s probably a 3 in the real world.

  • BL1Y

    ex bl ass: I like how in your joke if you substitute “Democrat” for “Republican” it’s becomes funnier.

  • Anon


  • Eve

    I love your posts, LF10, and I’m glad you’re feeling more optimistic these days.  Best of luck to you.

  • Magic Circle Jerk

    best column to date

  • Anon Female

    good piece. enjoyed it.

  • Anony Mouse

    This plan of your will fail, as all your relationships with men have.  You know why?  Because you said they were douches but you hope to change them.  Isn’t that what all women try to do with ‘bad boys’??  They think they can save/change them & it never works.  Then they end up marrying a nice guy after all, when they are old.

  • Mark P

    You’re too kind.