Superheroes of the Legal Profession: Captain 56

Every legitimate superhero league has their own Captain 56, whether it is Remittitur in the World Legal Hero League or Arguendo IV in the Associate Justice League of America. But there is only one Captain 56, arbiter of factual disputes and self-described destructor of claims. An avowed defender of insurance defense and product liability lawyers, Captain 56 is decidedly one-sided in his pursuit of a speedy and dismissive judicial outcome. Watch out, claimants!

Dr. Disputation and his affiant-wielding minions are a combined force that can break Captain 56 down and reduce him to blathering, confusion, and courtroom exasperation. But with recent pursuit of fundamental amendments to the rules of civil procedure, Captain 56 is fighting back and has Disputation on the run.

Damage: Does 4 damage to plaintiff’s civil claims, six if combined with concision; can increase billing and expenses by 3 financial points
Weaknesses: Affidavits, mechanical bulls, Prada shoes
Sidekick: Twelve Boy Six
Arch Enemy: Dr. Disputation (Supervillain Card #11)

Follow us as we release more cards of legal superheroes, whether Paralex, Megablawg, Doctor Juris, or a slew of archvillains and sidekicks.

Superhero vector image courtesy of Shutterstock