Superheroes of the Legal Profession: COBRA

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COBRA is known informally among her peers as the superhero of legal paperwork–whose name is short for “cobra de capello” or “serpent of the hood.” Though secretive and shy by nature, COBRA possesses the power to shapeshift reams of paper forms into ever-elusive “qualifying events.” With help from sidekick Boy 102, COBRA can prevent disastrous health care coverage termination, provided a person has available capital or credit.

Alto Premo stands in the way of COBRA’s ultimate quest to make the federal health care code understandable and enforceable. With the ability to spew paper forms and federal requirements from his specialized Congressional formulator ray, Premo is a master of legal confusion and chaos. Beware.

Damage: Increases Clarity points by 3, but does 4+ damage to time if family health care coverage or preexisting conditions are involved
Weaknesses: Beer, holidays, young men, credit cards
Arch Enemy: Alto Premo

Follow us as we release more cards of legal superheroes, whether Paralex, Doctor Juris, or a slew of archvillains and sidekicks.

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