Executrix, a Bitter Lawyer Superhero

Superheroes of the Legal Profession: Executrix

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Bitter Lawyer Card for Executrix, a Legal Superhero

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Sheila Stackford is a somewhat dowdy and mild-mannered estate planning lawyer by day. But, with the menace of “Death Tax”—formally known as Dr. 706—she leaps into action and becomes Executrix, an uberdefender of the freedom to inherit without a hitch. Relying on her sidekick Ultrateen to track down every conceivable heir, devisee, and remote beneficiary assign, Executrix can dispense justice—and an heirloom set of silver butter knives—within 16 days of a decedent’s death. Tax free. How does she do it? We don’t know.

Dr. 706 is her enemy, looking for any reason to dash the hopes and dreams of adult children, at times fomenting dissent among siblings and exacting damage with typos and miscalculated beneficiary shares. If Dr. 706 is around, suffice it to say that Executrix and Ultrateen are not far behind to correct what he hath wrought.

Damage: Does 2+ damage to taxation; can increase hope by 3 health points
Weaknesses: Intestacy, Barbed Wire, Flickr, Onion Skin
Sidekick: Ultrateen
Arch Enemy: Dr. 706 (Supervillain Card #9).

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