Superheroes of the Legal Profession: Paralex

Paralex: Overlooked Superhero of the Legal Profession

Paralex, a nondescript and overworked paralegal during the day, packs a powerful legal punch when called on to clean up after prominent superheroes who have typically failed to defeat injustice (her taskmastering after Megablawg fouled up a death penalty appeal is legendary). As superhero scholars have noted on numerous occasions, “Paralex takes no shit.”

“Ultratasking” allows Paralex to combine superhuman abilities into a powerful “epiforce” that can be used for concentrated power on select threats to justice. While Paralex has the power of invisibility, it is not a physical power but one that actually depends on telepathy—i.e., she is physically present but is not actually seen by those around her.

Paralex generally rolls alone for justice, but she occasionally works with Freelance, a mysterious sidekick who—to date—has not yet been positively identified and catalogued.

Damage: Paralex does 3 damage on ego, 4+ damage if the target also exhibits balls, arrogance, or contempt.  Also does 2 damage on collation but can add 2+ to reputation so long as invisibility is active.
Weaknesses: Solitaire, Chit Chat
Arch Enemy: JD Douchebag (Supervillain Card #8).

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