Superheroes of the Legal Profession: Sequestor


By day, Sequestor is a mild-mannered municipal bond lawyer based in Cleveland. When Twitter or the archvillain Ex Parte threaten to infiltrate a sequestered jury and wreakhavoc on justice or a DUI verdict, Sequestor is there.

Along with his sidekick Bailiff Boy, Sequestor eliminates all forms of communications and can microherd jurors into the dreaded vortex breath zone that, once in place, secures communications with 380-terabit zenon encryption. Other powers include JIG mnemonics and superhuman echolocation, as well as deep knowledge of municipal bonds.


Damage: Alone, Sequestor does 4 damage on communications, 2 on privileged. If accompanied with Bailiff Boy and an activated vortex zone token: 6 damage, plus 1 damage to Virtual Law.
Weaknesses: Caffeine, Mariah Carey
Arch Enemy: Ex Parte (Supervillain Card #3).

Superhero vector image courtesy of Shutterstock

  • Ellen

    I need a superhero to MARRY and take me a way from all this. Tho I like being a lawyer alot, I am not sure I want to do this when I am OVER 40.

    I told the manageing Partner that I want a home and FAMILY, and a real MAN to support us.

    Fooey on other women who are causeing men to shy away from us b/c we are family orented.