Doctor Juris and His Trusty Sidekick 'T14'

Superheroes of the Legal Profession: Doctor Juris

At work in the law school underworld, Doctor Juris is a powerful ally to, well, no one really knows for sure. With mind bending and numerological mesmerization, Doctor Juris has built up a large cadre of underlawyers whom he says are “working for justice and opportunity.”

But the recent actions of Lex Lucid—a disgruntled law school grad believed to have “gone to the light side”—has led to growing doubts about Doctor Juris’s continued hold on legal reality. In response, Doctor Juris has recruited Grey Gunner (aka “T14”) to help him fend off the hordes of Lucid minions who now openly challenge Juris’s claim of legal superhero status. An expected battle between Lucid and Juris should be epic.

Damage: Does 2 damage on finance and independence, 5+ damage if using Nondischarge Mace; can add 3 health, reputation, and finance points only under certain prescribed conditions
Weaknesses: Cellophane, Sansabelt Slacks, SPSS
Arch Enemy: Lex Lucid (Supervillain Card #2).

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Superhero vector image courtesy of Shutterstock

  • Dr. Juris

    Why are all your superheros men?

  • Ellen

    Because we are only considered good for haveing sex with. Fooey!