Obscura, a Legal Superhero

Superheroes of the Legal Profession: Obscura

A superhero for the down-and-out lawyer, Obscura provides one last hope of pulling defeat from the jaws of a ridiculously distant and unlikely victory. With nothing left to argue, with no legal theory worth its weight in pixels, and with no way out of a losing case and possibly money-wasting case, Obscura can provide one last ray of confusing hope. With a Latinate wand that can make judicial law clerks wince and judges nod their heads in faux appreciation and understanding, Obscura can delay the inevitable while someone chases down an old copy of Black’s Law Dictionary.

Lex Lucid and Exlex V are her arch enemies, largely because of their focused minds and their deep understanding of ancient legal codes, including the Gortyn Code and the Code of Hammurabi. They are Obscura’s only main counterforce.

Damage: Does 3+ damage to clarity; can increase hope by 2 health points, but only fleetingly
Weaknesses: Google, Wikipedia, leather gloves, large purses
Sidekick: Nihil Dicit
Arch Enemy: Lex Lucid (Supervillain Card #2) and Exlex V (Supervillain Card #18)

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Superhero vector image courtesy of Shutterstock