Get Out of the Car

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I am on a business trip with a Partner in an unfamiliar city.  We have a week of investigation at the client’s headquarters.  On the first day, Partner asks to borrow my cell phone to call and berate his wife for allowing him to forget his Blackberry, and he continues to use it extensively throughout the day.  At the end …

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Snowed Under

Bitter and Abused Columns, Lawyer 15 Comments

A few weeks prior to Christmas, my girlfriend and I purchased airline tickets to travel across the country to be home for the holidays.  We were to leave the last weekend before Christmas.  On that Friday, a senior partner told me I needed to argue a motion on Monday.  I told him that I was flying home the next day, …

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My Bitter Christmas List

Bitter and Abused Columns, Lawyer 17 Comments

‘Twas thirteen days before Christmas, when all through the firm, Not an associate was stirring—because we got laid off. Less than two weeks before Christmas, my large firm laid off its associates. But the proximity to the holidays is not the most frustrating part.  The most frustrating part is the expectation that we will all find new jobs before our …

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Dri-FIT, Merrell & Belichick, LLP

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Business casual was intended to be a good thing, right? It was supposed to make stuffy male lawyers hip and stylish; give them the sartorial freedom of artists, advertising execs and entrepreneurs.  But sadly, all it did was open the door for them to reveal what dorks they really are—and make female associates yearn for the days when they wore …

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Duty (Never) Calls

Bitter and Abused Columns, Lawyer 7 Comments

My supervising partner comes into my office and says, “Might need you this weekend.  Be available.” I get it—it’s part of my job.  But this is the fourth time he’s done this in as many weeks, and he’s never called me.  No call, no email, nothing all weekend.  He always says, “You’re around, right?  Going to need you.” Then no …

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