12 Things I Hate About Small Firm Practice

Bitter Contributor Columns, Lawyer 27 Comments

After almost five years of epic BigLaw drudgery and misery, I finally decided it was time to choose lifestyle over status and pay. In other words, I joined a small firm, a/k/a “a litigation boutique.” Trouble is, I’m realizing that my decision was completely flawed because it was based on the faulty assumption that the small firm I was joining …

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Bitter News, Week of August 8th, 2011

Bitter Newsroom Lawyer, News & Views Leave a Comment

Here are your headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, where we bounce back! Why Lawyer Pay Will Shrink: Reverse auctions are driving Biglaw rates down as large firms anonymously submit quotes for a jobs posted by major companies. With the increased number of lawyers being dumped into the market graduating each year, it seems like this may be a trend with legs. Whoops, forgot to …

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Top 5 Hobbies for Big Firm Associates

C. Hank Peters Big Legal Brain, Lawyer 7 Comments

Many big firms today take pride from employing well-rounded associates who can fit in at the opera just as easily as at the theatre. But outside of the traditional activities of a highly-paid professional, what are good hobbies for big firm associates? What should they do to burn off the extra half-hour at the end of the week? Competitive eating and …

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I'm Not Latham Vibrant or Watkins Approachable

Ex-Bitter Columns, Lawyer 8 Comments

QI’m sure you’ve seen it by now that Latham Watkins is redoing its law firm website and has instructed us associates to look “sophisticated, modern, vibrant and approachable.” As I write this, the photos have not yet been taken. And while I do consider myself sophisticated and modern, I’m definitely not vibrant and approachable. I’ve built my career—albeit a short …

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The Declining Value of a Midlevel Associate

Matthew Richardson Columns, Lawyer 17 Comments

As a mediocre midlevel at a top law firm, I haven’t really considered plans for my “future.” I always sort of let the tide take me to this place of bitterness. However, many of my friends are starting to make “plans.” Actually, it seems like most of them have already mapped out their lives. Of my closest 4 friends from …

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The 7 Less-Deadly Sins of Summer Associating

C. Hank Peters Big Legal Brain, Columns, Lawyer 7 Comments

It’s a little-known secret that I was a big firm summer associate at Dorsey & Whitney in 1971. For two weeks and three days. So, while Bitter Lawyer already has a solid list of the Nine Summer Associate Don’ts, it doesn’t cover the less deadly sins that often apply to people like me and you. For that, I have my …

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