I’m Losing the PR Battle to Evil Partners

Ex-Bitter Columns, Lawyer 23 Comments

I’m a midlevel associate in BigLaw, and I am on the road to being fired.  Not laid off.  Fired. I get glowing evaluations.  I’m in demand.  I have more work than I know what to do with.  I have phenomenal experience, mentor younger associates and bill over the minimum hours required. I rarely turn down an assignment. So why, you …

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BigLaw Faces Grade-less JDs

Michael Estrin Lawyer, News & Views 32 Comments

Will BigLaw embrace grade-less, high-pedigree JDs? Class rank is everything. It separates the future scholars from the posers; the potential Big Firm Partners from the 9-to-5 government slackers. If there were no grades, there’d be no way to differentiate among prospects and the entire legal hiring system would implode. Or maybe not. In the past year, Stanford and Harvard have …

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Seven Things to Look Forward to as a Junior Associate

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer 6 Comments

Seven Things to Look Forward to as a Junior Associate: 1.  Doing absolutely nothing all week, then getting a Friday phone call from a partner at 5:15 PM. 2.  Being uninteresting to people with cool jobs. 3.  Telling people that vacations are for pussies and actually believing it. 4.  Telling your friends that you have a shot at making partner. …

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Hard (Not) at Work

Bitter and Abused Columns, Lawyer 5 Comments

Some partner I never met emailed last night and asked if I’d help out with a closing. I said yes, of course. Thirty-eight hours later, I haven’t gone to bed, left the building—or done a goddamn thing.  I’m just sitting outside the conference room, waiting for this ass clown to give me something to do.  All-nighters suck.  Gratuitous all-nighters suck much more! I’m …

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Soak It Up, Summer Associates

Bitter Newsroom Lawyer, News & Views 2 Comments

This just in. According to Portfolio.com, summer associates are actually being judged at the various cocktail parties, swanky dinners and goofy “out of the box” events they attend. Or, as the writer of the piece says, “Call it young lawyers gone wild—but the fun is serious business.” Is it that serious, or is everyone just looking for a story to write here?  …

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