I’m Sickened By the Idea of Practicing Law and Want to be an Actor Instead

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QI’m a 3L at a top 20 law school. I have a job lined up at a mid-size litigation firm in San Francisco. But I hate the law. The idea of working in a structured office environment makes me sick to my stomach. I know this sounds lame, but I want to be an actor. This will sound even lamer, but I’m actually considered …

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Six Reasons to Love Tom Cruise

Michael Estrin Columns, Lawyer 2 Comments

Six Reasons Bitter Lawyers Should Love Tom Cruise: In lean times, Tom Cruise may be the Top Gun client the legal profession needs most. He’s rich. He’s litigious. And he’s fearless when it comes to taking on his enemies, which is why lawyers should be falling all over themselves to get that couch-jumping thespian anything he damn well pleases. Or, …

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