5 MOAR Ridiculous Law Firm Commercials

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Inspired by the flaming sledgehammer of legal advertising, Casino Law, we thought it was time for another installment of ridiculous law firm commercials. 1.  Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman have actually already won this category in the past with their “Machete” commercial. But, their other commercial is a close second: 2. Florida-based Nation Law Firm decided they need to highlight their dog …

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Lawyers Advertising Badly – Super Bowl Edition

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While everyone may be angry at Nationwide over its dead kid ad and proud they got GoDaddy to kill its puppy ad, the real ad action was in a local market, where a Savannah lawyer again tried to break the Internet with his own production for the second year in a row. Last year, Jamie Casino of Casino Law Group …

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Texas Law Hawk: A Lawyer You Can Trust

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He is a man with a vision. An unhinged, insane vision for protecting your rights Texas Law Hawk style. Bryan Wilson TEXAS LAW HAWK by e-mob With his talons of justice extended, the Law Hawk will protect you from getting arrested in a dinosaur costume by a shadowy, smoking police officer. His other interests include smashing tree branches, kicking things …

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