I’m Sickened By the Idea of Practicing Law and Want to be an Actor Instead

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QI’m a 3L at a top 20 law school. I have a job lined up at a mid-size litigation firm in San Francisco. But I hate the law. The idea of working in a structured office environment makes me sick to my stomach. I know this sounds lame, but I want to be an actor. This will sound even lamer, but I’m actually considered …

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Stephan Pastis: Rat, Pig, Lawyer

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For those who read the funny pages, the name Stephan Pastis should sound familiar. A former lawyer, Pastis is the cartoonist behind Pearls Before Swine, a critically acclaimed comic strip syndicated in more than five hundred U.S. newspapers. The National Cartoonists Society awarded it the Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 2003 and 2006. We recently chatted with the self-described “goofball” …

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