Buy This Book and Become an Expert Ambulance Chaser. Or Not.

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This is not a paid advertisement. This is just me ranting about attorneys masquerading as experts. As a member of a state bar, two federal bars and three bar associations it is unsurprising that my contact information lands in the hands of many different people that want my time and money. Every day at the office, I receive solicitations for …

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Five Steps to Being a Plaintiff Lawyer Machine

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Laid off from Biglaw?  We know, it’s horrible. The profession has been turned on its head.  All that money, that schooling. All the years of suffering those hoards of social invalids and Napoleons in your firm.  And now you’re in the poor house. Or maybe not… You can wallow in self-pity, groveling for scraps as a “temp” slave or toiling …

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