No One In This Apple Class Action Lawsuit Seems To Know What They Are Doing

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It is probably ridiculously exciting to land a big fish class action case. What attorney wouldn’t want to take a swing at Apple in a case worth at least $350 million with a cool antitrust component, one where Apple stands accused of engaging in software shenanigans to delete songs from other music download services off of your precious iPod. One …

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Caveat Venditor. Look It Up.

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Suffering from iPhone 3G envy? You might want to reconsider. The prodigal mobile device that kept technophiles lining up for days is now dealing with the backlash of not living up to the hype.  Manufacturer Apple was slapped with a federal class action complaint this week led by Alabama’s Jessica Alena Smith, who’s miffed that her new iPhone is much …

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