Bar Exam Survival Tips, Because You Need All The Help You Can Get

Stefan BC Best of Bitter Lawyer, Lawyer 1 Comment

Throughout most of the country right now it is graduation season. Across thousands of colleges and high schools, scores of new graduates are celebrating remarkable academic accomplishments with their families, all while planning for a future full of hope and possibility. YOU on the other hand went to law school, so your graduation felt either like (at best) a giant waste …

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Virginia Updates Bar Exam Dress Code to "Hipster Fabulous"

Robin Hitchcock Lawyer, Satire 1 Comment

The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners have enforced a strict dress code of “proper business attire” for applicants during test-taking, much to the chagrin of recent law-school grads used to taking exams in pajama pants and ratty sweatshirts. After years of criticism, the Board of Bar Examiners for the Commonwealth of Virginia has finally relented to pressure and will be …

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"Bar-ly" Defensible

The Northwest 3L Columns, Featured Lawyer, Lawyer Leave a Comment

It always amazes me that the field of Antitrust has any practicing lawyers in it at all.  Not because it’s a particularly complicated field, nor because it’s particularly unexciting since, in practice, the field is substantially less complicated than Administrative Law, and, as Microsoft in the ’90s and Apple more recently have shown, there’s plenty of exciting cases dealing with …

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