On Lawyerist: Waiting for Bar Exam Results

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From “Waiting for Bar Exam Results” on Lawyerist: Many law students take a significant risk when they take the bar exam. The most recent bar exam results released in Louisiana (February 2011) show that only 54% of the nearly 400 test takers passed. Three years of law school. Three figures of thousands in debt. Three days of essay exams. Only to learn, …

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Bitter Brief 13: Meet Your Bar Exam Neighbors

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[powerpress] The bar exam is over–for most people–so now we offer our own take on the types of people you meet at the bar exam. Also, our discussion of Kymberly Wimberly’s valedictory denial devolves into a very personal exploration of Kimber’s own salutatory struggles. Click here to subscribe to The Bitter Brief on iTunes!

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Bitter Brief 12: One Last Freakout Before the Bar Exam

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[powerpress] In this installment of the Bitter Brief, we send off this summer’s bar examinees with one last bar exam freakout, things get real with our discussion of a rather depressing job offer, it’s time for bloggers—and, apparently, anonymous commenters—to beware, and one law firm’s unusual want ad lands a Chicago lawyer in deep poo-poo. Subscribe to the Bitter Brief on iTunes!

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Bitter Brief 07: Obama on Weinergate, Forever 21 Sends Stupid Letters, Jobs, and Bar Exam Prep

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[powerpress] On this week’s Bitter Brief, we ask ourselves why Obama got his hands on Weinergate. We also discuss the joys of cease and desist letters—complete with French accents—as Forever 21 takes on its biggest critic. And finally, we have anecdotal evidence that the job market still sucks, and advice for any listeners deep in the throes of bar exam …

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