Bitter Brief 07: Obama on Weinergate, Forever 21 Sends Stupid Letters, Jobs, and Bar Exam Prep

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[powerpress] On this week’s Bitter Brief, we ask ourselves why Obama got his hands on Weinergate. We also discuss the joys of cease and desist letters—complete with French accents—as Forever 21 takes on its biggest critic. And finally, we have anecdotal evidence that the job market still sucks, and advice for any listeners deep in the throes of bar exam …

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Bitter Brief, ep. 05: Bar Exam Edition, Plus Lawyers in Pop Culture

Bitter Brief Columns, Lawyer 7 Comments

[powerpress] In this week’s ultra-laid back, post-holiday Bitter Brief, we share our tales of terror and triumph on the dreaded bar exam, and we tackle the weird and wacky ways that the legal profession is depicted in pop culture. Share your bar exam horror stories in the comments below! And, we want to hear from you: what is your most/least …

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Two Bar Exams, One Dream Clerkship, No Job

Katie Apple Columns, Lawyer 12 Comments

The thrill is gone. Last Friday, I found out that I passed the New York bar. How I was able to find that out after five-plus hours of fruitlessly trying to load a page on their website, which crashed approximately 14 minutes after results became available, is another story. I immediately had that “whoosh” feeling, like 15 tons had just been …

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I Failed the Bar Exam

Ex-Bitter Columns, Lawyer 9 Comments

QI’m working at a Big Firm, and I just found out I failed the bar. Out of 30 first years, I think I’m the only one. Is my career ruined?  Will my reputation forever be tarnished? What should I do? ALie your ass off. Tell everyone you were preoccupied with your girlfriend’s terminal cancer or your best friend’s tragic suicide. Or something like that. Even …

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