Four Coolest TV News Lawyers

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With the right amount of looks and talent, who wouldn’t flee the life of a lawyer to talk on camera for money?  We previously unveiled our picks for the four hottest female lawyers working on television. This time, we’re giving the guys their due. But we’re not judging them on hotness because, let’s face it, Us Weekly we ain’t. Instead, …

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Bitter Factoids 14

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Harry S. Truman once said, “We must have strong minds, ready to accept facts as they are.” Show Harry your strong mind and wrap your head around these. 403 Total number of male registered members on, which bills itself as the “first full-service social networking site designed with lawyers in mind and the non-lawyers who want to meet them.” …

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Bitter Factoids 13

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Republican political consultant Frank Luntz once said, “If you’re a good numbers person, you’re a bad language person.” We’ve given you the numbers, so you can give us the language. $66 billion The estimated cost the threat of lawsuits and the practice of “defensive medicine” has on the U.S. healthcare system in a single year, according to a Forbes article, …

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Seven Lawyer Laugh-Test Fails

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The law has a test for everything. There’s a test for when a corporation must disclose a material fact to its investors. A test for when a film is obscene. And there’s a test for when a particular argument is so ridiculous that it shouldn’t be made at all. And then there’s the straight face/laugh test. While you won’t find it in …

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Bitter Factoids 12

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Aldous Huxley once said, “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Well, here are some facts that we couldn’t ignore. 1,400,000 Bill Los Angeles taxpayers had to foot for Michael Jackson’s funeral service. Newly elected city attorney Carmen Trutanich has begun an investigation as to how exactly a debt-saddled Los Angeles got stuck with the tab, according …

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Michael Jackson’s Top-10 Legal Representations

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In all the MJ hoopla, it would be a crime to overlook those JDs who kept the King of Pop out of trouble—and in some cases—out of prison. “Two child-molestation investigations (no convictions), two divorces, myriad civil lawsuits over concerts, special performances and soured business deals, near-bankruptcy and the threatened foreclosure of his Neverland ranch kept teams of lawyers busy.” …

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Top Lawyers of the Obama Administration

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During the eight years of the Bush administration, 13 lawyers served in the president’s cabinet. That makes 13 lawyers out of 47 total people who held cabinet-level posts. (The number actually drops to ten, if you subtract the three Attorneys General—John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, and Michael Mukasey.) Of course, Bush wasn’t a lawyer, but that got us to wondering how …

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