Ten Current CEO-Lawyers

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You’ve heard the stereotype before—lawyers have no business in business. They are too risk-adverse to make bold decisions, too cultured in the ways of the billable hour to move efficiently, and too numbers-phobic to understand the bottom-line. In short, lawyers don’t make good CEOs and have no shot at ever making F.U. money.  But the truth is that lawyers do …

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Bitter Factoids 11

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French scientist Claude Bernard once said, “A fact in itself is nothing. It is valuable only for the idea attached to it, or for the proof which it furnishes.” Tell us what truth these facts furnish. 4,084 Number of applicants who took the February 2009 California bar exam, according to the State Bar of California.  33.5 Overall pass rate percentage …

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Bitter Factoids 10

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British journalist and Guardian editor CP Scott once said, “Comment is free, but facts are sacred.” Here at Bitter Lawyer, we give you the facts for free and believe that (good) comments are sacred. $57,000 Median starting salary for a private criminal defense lawyer with less than one year of experience, according to $113,805 Median salary for a private …

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Bitter Factoids 9

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Actress Marlo Thomas once said, “Never face facts; if you do, you’ll never get up in the morning.” Thespians may have that luxury, but we’re pretty sure lawyers don’t. 26 Number of American law schools that offer an LLM in taxation. 146 Number of legal layoffs that have occurred on a Saturday since Law Shucks began tracking downsizing late last …

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Eight Hallmarks of a TTT Law School

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Urban Dictionary defines a third-tier toilet (TTT) as a “pejorative term for law schools that are not prestigious.” The definition goes on to explain that any school that fails to rank in the Top 14 is not prestigious. Which, by that definition, means that Harvard is not a TTT, but Vanderbilt is. As a result, the TTT label is applied …

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Ten Things to Love About Being a Lawyer

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There are so many scintillating aspects to practicing law these days that it’s almost impossible to narrow the list.  It’s like trying to compile a list of supermodels who you’d have sex with.  Anyway, here are the ten things I love most about being lawyer: 1.  WORKING WITH OTHER LAWYERS Whether they’re colleagues or opponents, I’m blessed with the constant …

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