Valentine S.O.S.

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[Ed. Note: To best help Bitter Lawyers plan for what is potentially the most bitter holiday of the year, we turned to Todd Hawkins, President and Chief Concierge of The Todd Group, for some expert advice on how to survive—and score—this Valentine’s Day.] Valentine’s Day is an important holiday.  Period.  If you mess it up, there are repercussions. Unlike Groundhog …

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Is Irvine the New Harvard?

Michael Estrin Lawyer, News & Views 21 Comments

America doesn’t need another law school. Period. But that isn’t stopping Erwin Chemerinsky (known to Bar/Bri students as the whiny ConLaw guru) from reinventing the JD in a bold attempt to rank the yet-to-launch University of California, Irvine Law School among the nation’s elite. If it works, Chemerinsky will be heralded as a genius for achieving the impossible; but if …

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From Proskauer to Popsquire

Michael Estrin Columns, Lawyer 16 Comments

Hollywood Or Bust: Why a Proskauer Alum Took a Flying Leap There’s something revolting about watching a “legal expert” boil down the sum of your professional knowledge into a catchy sound bite. Even a hopeless 1L can handle the issue spotting required for television punditry. Which is exactly what you tell your friends when they mention a guy like Russell …

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Gift Bag Winners!

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Congratulations to the Bitterest Lawyers of 2008. The male and female winners of our Holiday Gift Bag Giveaway received the most votes amongst our finalists and have each won a $500 gift bag filed with items from their respective Holiday Gift Guide. How did the voting results shake out? Ladies: Why are you a Bitter Lawyer? WINNER: Account-Ant Marching Because …

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BigLaw Faces Grade-less JDs

Michael Estrin Lawyer, News & Views 32 Comments

Will BigLaw embrace grade-less, high-pedigree JDs? Class rank is everything. It separates the future scholars from the posers; the potential Big Firm Partners from the 9-to-5 government slackers. If there were no grades, there’d be no way to differentiate among prospects and the entire legal hiring system would implode. Or maybe not. In the past year, Stanford and Harvard have …

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Bitter Gift Guide: Ladies

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If you’re hoping to make a certain woman feel special this year, here are six perfect gift ideas with a personal touch: 1. Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit “Red carpet” not only means celebrity treatment—it also means celebrity skin care.  For $145, give her the ingredients for an at-home facial identical to the ones used in the spa facials that …

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