OJ Simpson Trial: Where Are They Now?

Michael Estrin Columns, Lawyer 11 Comments

In the history of celebrity justice, no man has helped launch more careers, ruin more reputations and made such a mockery of California courts than Orenthal James Simpson. Now that a Nevada judge has finally sentenced Simpson and put the juice in the can, we decided to check in on some of our favorite 1995 Simpson characters to find out …

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Who is Al Dickman?

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer 20 Comments

In the brief history of Bitter Lawyer, one man has distinguished himself by commenting on nearly every piece of content we’ve put up. That man is Al Dickman. Since we love comments (and because our own lunch plans fell through), we decided to sit down with Mr. Dickman and find out more about this legal sage and social commentator. BL: …

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Bitter Style: Fashion Tips for Interviews

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer 10 Comments

Bitter Style: Fashion Tips for Interviews Most important thing to remember is: Let your resume and interpersonal skills make the impression, not your wardrobe. Women DO… – Wear a solid or conservative pinstripe suit (either skirt or pant) in dark gray, navy or black. – Dress clean and sharp.  No clutter, no frills. – Make sure your suit choice fits …

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TV Review: Raising the Bar

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer 1 Comment

RAISING THE BAR Premieres Labor Day, TNT, 10 p.m. Synopsis: Life of a righteous public defender and his friends, who just so happen to be prosecutors and judicial clerks.  And really cute. Pedigree: A+.  Steven Bochco.  The Cravath, Swaine & Moore of television producers.  Emmy Award winning credits include L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue.  Not to mention, …

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