"Like" Button Ruled Protected Speech; Facebook Dramz Reignite Nationwide

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The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that clicking the “like” button on Facebook is a form of speech protected by the First Amendment. While constitutional and media scholars parse the implications of such a seemingly insignificant and “uncreative” action being deemed substantive speech, millions of Americans feel validated over their anger and hurt feelings resulting from …

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Florida Man Seeks Pardon Based on Ted Cruz Defense

M Walter Lawyer, Satire Leave a Comment

A Florida man has attracted an empathetic ally in his fight for his freedom. Ted Cruz reportedly asked President Obama to pardon a Florida man, Gary Jones, who was convicted for murder in 2002. Jones has just lost his last appeal this week and Senator Cruz is very eager to “end this flagrant miscarriage of justice”  said his top aide. …

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Bully Porn Addict Sues Apple

M Walter Columns, Lawyer, News & Views, Really Real News 1 Comment

Don’t get me wrong, I generally applaud anyone suing Apple. I think they are pushing intellectual property law to the point where it limits healthy competition and will eventually destroy America’s competitive edge. (And, hey, republicans if you are looking to get more youth in your ranks, this might be a good issue for you. You are supposed to support …

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Date Goes Wrong When Woman Robbed

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We all have a story about an awkward first date, but a recent news report out of Wildomar, California cerainly trumps  running out of things to talk about at a coffee shop. According to KESQ in California Terry Michael Fine took a woman out on a date and then things got weird.  Although the report does not discuss specifics of the …

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Italian Men in Pantless Protest: That'll Show 'Em

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Reuters UK reports that five Italian businessmen staged a protest outside the Italian parliament yesterday, arguing for the abolition of tax debt collection agency Equitalia. You may ask yourself, why is one of the biggest news agencies in the world covering a few Italian dudes’ hissyfit over paying back taxes? Well, the answer is the same one you’ll get to …

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Gun Threats: The Untold Story of Legos and Pop-tarts

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As you may know, if you are extremely astute and listen to politics constantly, there is a gun debate going on in this country. Liberals are upset because crazy people keep spraying the general population with bullets. Conservatives are upset because they believe that any gun control legislation at all will eventually lead to an authoritarian state where the mere …

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Prison Break-In

Doug Stephan Lawyer, News & Views Leave a Comment

Matthew Matagrano, 36, may serve 10 years in prison after repeatedly trying to sneak into jails because the inmates where “nice.” The Manhattan man is accused of sneaking into jails in four boroughs because they gave him food and made him feel important. According to police, Matagrano, who formerly served time in Rikers Island, would dress up as a Department …

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