Partner to BL1Y: Associates are 'Self-Absorbed Egotists'

[Ed. Note: The following is written by the same “38-year-old partner at a prestigious firm” who wrote “Partner to Associates: Stop Being ‘Entitled, Whiny Pussies,’” which we posted last Wednesday.  It is a response to “Associate to Partners: Shut Up About Us Being ‘Entitled’” by frequent Bitter Lawyer contributor BL1Y and posted last Friday.] You…


Partner to Associates: Stop Being 'Entitled, Whiny Pussies'

[Ed. Note: This piece by a “38-year-old partner at a prestigious firm” resulted in a four-part impromptu Partner v. Associate debate with frequent Bitter Lawyer commenter BL1Y, who is a recently laid-off BigLaw associate.  The four parts can be read in this order: 1.  “Partner to Associates: Stop Being ‘Entitled, Whiny Pussies’” 2.  “Associate to…


Weddings Ruin Everything

Never bring a date to a wedding—unless, of course, you want to break up with her. It’s just too hard to enjoy yourself when you’re surrounded by so much damn love. The vision of a woman dressed in white walking down the aisle, her eyes moist with marital bliss, clenching her loving father’s arm, the…