Time is the Enemy

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I just read somewhere that associates at some New York firm were ecstatic that, despite the economy, they are still going to receive their “special bonuses” if they were “exceptional” and billed 2400 hours this year.  And I can’t help wonder: Do they think they’re immortal? In case they haven’t noticed, time is the enemy.  Time disappears faster than the …

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Be Funnier: A Guest Post from an Annoyed Reader

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It’s tough being a lawyer these days. Miniscule bonuses, salary-freezes, layoffs, snippy partners, boring work (if you’re lucky enough to even have any work). But what makes things even worse are the incessant, sophomoric, sexual comments on this blog! Guys, can’t you think of something better to say than “Poo-say?” Can’t you make a more nuanced point about male/female relationships than “Lawyers …

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My Bitter Christmas List

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‘Twas thirteen days before Christmas, when all through the firm, Not an associate was stirring—because we got laid off. Less than two weeks before Christmas, my large firm laid off its associates. But the proximity to the holidays is not the most frustrating part.  The most frustrating part is the expectation that we will all find new jobs before our …

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