Dear Bitter Butch: How Do I Deal With Fighting And Biting Children?

Haddayr Copley-Woods Endings 4 Comments

Dear Bitter Butch, I have a son that is 4 and a daughter that is 3. They are going through a phase where they fight daily over almost everything – crayons, books, toys. My son is usually pretty physically self-restrained but my daughter pretty quickly resorts to biting him. Any suggestions? Thanks, Worried Dad Dear Worried Dad: If there is …

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Study Says Just Give Kids Infinite Time In Front Of A Computer Screen Or Something

BitterEmpire SciTech Leave a Comment

In more confusing science news, this new study1 about recommended amounts of screen time for children makes no sense. The premise of the study is that the accepted recommendations about the amount of screen time children should be exposed to is outmoded and out of date. The current recommendation is that children should be limited to two hours of screen …

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Dear Bitter Butch: Someone Is Being Mean To My Kid

Haddayr Copley-Woods Endings Leave a Comment

Dear Bitter Butch, My eight-year-old child is on-again, off-again friends with a kid, L., in his/her school. They have a lot in common and sometimes they are very close, but sometimes L. hurts my child’s feelings intentionally. I feel like L. is a bad friend and I want to tell my child to just DTMFA, (Dump The Motherfucker Already) but …

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Bitter Brief 11: Sexism, Parenting, and Clarence Thomas Bobbleheads

Bitter Brief Columns, Lawyer 10 Comments

[powerpress] In this week’s installment of the Bitter Brief, our perennial punching bag, Mr. Law School, gives us networking “advice” with which we, naturally, take issue. We take umbrage at the sexist undertones of Law Firm 10’s latest musings on marriage and parenting and Matthew Richardson’s equating the declining value of mid-level associates with the declining hotness of women. And, on the lighter side, Clarence …

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