Five Horrible Lawyer Gifts From Etsy You Will Likely Receive This Holiday Season

Lisa Needham Lawyer 1 Comment

You know the drill. People assume because you are a lawyer (or an aspiring lawyer) that what you will really enjoy is some sort of lawyer-themed gift. In years past, you might have ended up with something semi-tolerable like scales of justice cufflinks or a gavel with your name on a plaque, but those days are gone now, thanks to …

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Private Little Class War: Christmas Edition

Kaleb Horton Endings Leave a Comment

In my old neighborhood, everybody had garages, so nobody talked to each other. But there were exactly two situations that caused my neighborhood to acknowledge its own existence: criminal episodes involving a fire truck or more than one police car, and Christmas. That’s when we became the “light neighborhood.” The one featured in the newspaper and the limo tours. A …

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