How to Finish Law School In the Middle of the Pack

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Across the country, law students are entering their august institutions. We here at Bitter Lawyer are happy to guide these students through the perils of their epic quest for a J.D. by reposting helpful tidbits provided by those that came before them. Stand on the shoulders of bitter giants, students. Originally posted: March 28, 2013 With the end of my …

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7 Passive-Aggressive Ways to Prove You Are Working Hard

Kate Currer Columns, Lawyer 3 Comments

Being a lawyer means working insane hours in an office, to keep up with billable hours or the workload or the opposition. What good are all those hours if you aren’t getting credit for them? Yes, you are getting paid, but you also deserve acknowledgement from co-workers. Here’s a few ways to get those kudos with passive-aggressive flair!

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