Zimmerman & Anthony: Juries are Actually Pretty Good at What They Do

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Make your story very simple! Don’t confuse the jury! We repeat these mantras over and over again. To our colleagues, we say things like “Well, yeah, but do you think a jury would understand that?” The trial attorney is constantly worrying that the poor uneducated peons on his or her jury just won’t understand his or her brilliant argument. “The …

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What to Expect When You Are Expecting… Your Client to Kill You

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You have gone through years of school. You have built a career from nothing. You have worked hard to become a professional.  Your clientele probably has not. Especially for solo or small firm practitioners, clients can run the gamut from normal to certifiably insane.  Normally you would try to weed out the real creeps, but maybe it has been a …

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Love Struck Man Lands Himself in Custody

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Apparently, police officers tased a man yesterday just for trying to propose to his maybe his girlfriend . . . My theories are 1) he was really really high on drugs, 2) this is her way of breaking up with him, 3) the gays really have ruined marriage. Lets look for clues to find the answer! Clue number one: Someone called 911 …

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Clown Fights Cop, Then Court

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For most people, being in the courtroom awaiting your initial hearing on disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer is not the time to be clowning around. Kenneth Kraucunas is not most people. The Milwaukee man appeared in court dressed in full clown attire, including a red nose. The bailiff, who apparently hated the ball toss on Bozo, …

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