I Hate Being a Prosecutor, but I’m so Damn Good at It

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QI graduated from a tier-1 school in 2003.  I spent the entire three years of law school fighting with my (now ex-) wife, and my grades suffered for it.  I finished in the middle of my class with a 2.75. Though I concentrated heavily on international law classes, I simply did not have the GPA to get one of those …

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Back to the Future

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A small town in Vermont has repealed its 32-year ban against fortune telling.  While soothsaying is prohibited in some communities across the country —mainly because tarot card reading, clairvoyance, and other attempts to predict the future are thought to be fraudulent—St. Johnsbury has decided to re-allow such activities for profit. “When the ordinance was lifted, I actually felt a large …

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