How to Choose a Protein: A Comprehensive Guide For Future Biology Graduate Students (Or A Dating Guide For The Rest Of Us)

Hannah Foster SciTech Leave a Comment

So, you want to do a PhD in biology? Well, there are several major decisions that you’ll have to make along the way. This guide attempts to explain each one in terms everyone can understand. What University Should I Choose? The first decision you’ll have to make is where you want to do your PhD. This is like choosing the …

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Date Goes Wrong When Woman Robbed

Bitter Bachelor Lawyer, Really Real News Leave a Comment

We all have a story about an awkward first date, but a recent news report out of Wildomar, California cerainly trumps  running out of things to talk about at a coffee shop. According to KESQ in California Terry Michael Fine took a woman out on a date and then things got weird.  Although the report does not discuss specifics of the …

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The Breakup Battle

Doug Stephan Columns, Lawyer 2 Comments

Everybody wants to win the breakup. Whether that means you hit the gym after getting dumped to drop a few pounds in an effort to become more attractive or simply dating the extremely good looking (albeit dumb as a box of rock and unable to hold a single full conversation) coworker just to create some jealousy, we all want to …

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