Research Suggests Your Paleo Diet Is Bogus

Daniel James SciTech Leave a Comment

It’s one of the biggest fads in hipster cuisine: the Paleo diet. Followers attempt to recreate the eating habits of our Paleolithic forefathers by eschewing grains, sugar and starches in favor of more “authentic” options, which, judging by how they discuss their diet, basically makes them better people. Aside from the question of whether cavemen were actually healthier, eating like …

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Plaintiff: Weird Old Tip to Lose Belly Fat Made Me Fatter

Bitter Newsroom Lawyer, Satire 1 Comment

James Macungie recently filed a lawsuit against Google. Mr. Macungie alleges that their contextual ad, promising one weird old tip to lose belly fat, did not work as advertised. The tip, according to documents filed in the Norther District of South Dakota, was to drink two glasses of water before every meal. After years of having what doctors called “an …

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