Bitter News, 9-21-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that make the 11th biggest lie in history: • Headline reads: “Gritty 80-yr-old is probably city’s oldest law student.” Probably?  The city’s?  Don’t want to step out on a limb and expand the geographic scope of that statement a smidgen?  You’re already using the word “probably.” For the love, he’s so old he couldn’t find …

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Ed McMahon: Next Time, Get a Retainer

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Just when your feelings about Ed McMahon couldn’t get any more confusing, the media is reporting that two New York law firms have brought suit against the former late-night sidekick for over a quarter of a million bucks he allegedly owes them for handling his daughter’s divorce. This news rounds out a generally unpleasant quarter for McMahon, who recently admitted …

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