Top Five Things You Are Doing To Avoid Studying For Finals

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You know the drill. It’s finals time, and when you’re not wallowing in regret and self-loathing, you’re avoiding studying. Not in cool fun ways like going out to dinner or seeing a movie, but more in pathetic home-bound ways where you tell yourself that any moment now, you’ll start studying. For sure. Promise. Right after you do everything else you …

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Vessyl: You Know You Want One

Gina Hagler SciTech

Most of us are health conscious. We may not be into exercise as much as we’re not into a slow, lingering death – but the reason we’re health conscious isn’t the point. It’s enough that we are. We wear our Fitbits or Fitbit-equivalents and can tell you how many steps we took, how much water we drank, and how well …

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