Bitter News, Week of July 25th, 2011

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Here are your headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, where we paint reality. One Man’s Squatter is Another’s Possessor: In honor of bar exam week, we kick off with this delightful attempt at textbook adverse possession happening in Texas. The man learned that the Lone Star State requires only three years and, finding an abandoned home in foreclosure with a bankrupt mortgage …

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Any Given Sunday

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I might not die alone, clutching a dog-eared copy of Eat, Pray, Love, after all.  I have a newfound source of hope.  And I owe my appreciation to the most unlikely of impetuses for discovering it:  Watching a Cincinnati Bengals game. I’m not referring to the substance of the game itself.  Besides, the final minute of the Bengals’ first game …

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