Driving Miss Mary Jane: Stoners No More Dangerous Than Drunks

Naomi Kritzer SciTech Leave a Comment

You would not expect a federal agency to announce to everyone that it’s safe to drive while stoned out of your gourd, but that’s more or less what happened last week. The full paper is available online and is full of helpful charts and tables showing the relative risks of various drugs, both legal and illegal. First things first: this study …

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Man Goes to Courthouse to Defend DUI Charge. Drunk.

Doug Stephan Lawyer, News & Views 2 Comments

An Indiana man showed up to dispute a drunken-driving charge while intoxicated. Michael D. Schroyer, 48, allegedly was stumbling in the courthouse when officers asked if he had been drinking. Schroyer responded, “Hell, yeah. I drink every day.” The Ellsworth man then struggled with officers as they attempted to take his car keys before he could leave the parking lot. During …

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