Which Ten Drugs In Your Medicine Cabinet Are Going to Give You Alzheimer’s?

Naomi Kritzer SciTech 1 Comment

We’ve actually known for a while that a certain type of drug might have unique risks in terms of promoting mental decline in the elderly. There was a meta-analysis done in 2014  that offered the cheery reassurance that there was no statistically significant evidence that these drugs will make you die any younger, but a lot of evidence that they’ll …

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Love Struck Man Lands Himself in Custody

M Walter Lawyer, News & Views, Really Real News Leave a Comment

Apparently, police officers tased a man yesterday just for trying to propose to his maybe his girlfriend . . . My theories are 1) he was really really high on drugs, 2) this is her way of breaking up with him, 3) the gays really have ruined marriage. Lets look for clues to find the answer! Clue number one: Someone called 911 …

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What Happens When a Crackhead Goes Through Security?

Doug Stephan Lawyer, News & Views Leave a Comment

They say, “stupid is as stupid does” and that goes double for William Gillespie. The 29-year-old Erie, Pennsylvania man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia, after he tried to enter the county courthouse with more than a dozen bags of crack cocaine. Gillespie was passing through the courthouse …

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Bitter Vault: The Adderall Diaries

Bitter Vault Best of Bitter Lawyer, Lawyer Leave a Comment

While were on the subject of Adderall and because it’s time to open the Bitter Vault, let’s take a look at the other side.  See the link below. Sure, on paper it may not be ethical or “right” to use stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin when you haven’t been diagnosed with ADD or a similar disorder. But where do you …

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Bitter News, 9-4-09

Bitter Newsroom Lawyer, News & Views 1 Comment

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom: • When not rocking and rolling all night, Gene Simmons has found time to play an ambulance-chasing lawyer in the new movie Extract from Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, premiering this weekend.  And, for the record, Simmons loves his own lawyer, but he hates yours.  [New York Post] • Pills: The new stimulus package …

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